clometrica/replicant beta test
You'll need iPhone XR, iPhone11/12 or newer and also a stable and fast internet connection.
Download the app and follow the instruction
Download the app
Few easy steps:
How to take a photo or a video?
PHOTO: tap the round button at the bottom of the screen with a short movement.
The photo will be automatically saved to the gallery on your phone.

VIDEO: hold the round red button for 2 seconds and the recording will start. To stop recording, press the red button again.
To save or share a video, click on the Share button in the lower-right corner .

If you've made several videos, click on the Gallery button in the lower-left corner, select the video you need, and click on the Share button (the arrow in the rectangle) in the upper-right corner.

Feel free to share with us your ideas, thoughts and suggestions:
telegram - @replicant_fashion (text, audio or video)
or e-mail us We are really appreciate that!

If you'd like to share a photo or video of fitting on your social media accounts, please don't forget to tag and @clometrica

If something goes wrong, try to reconnect to the internet. If it doesn't help, reinstall the app. If nothing's working, please e-mail us

Have fun and enjoy the future!